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Okay Contest UPDATE, please read. - Karaoke Revolution community

About Okay Contest UPDATE, please read.

Previous Entry Okay Contest UPDATE, please read. Nov. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:14 pm


Karaoke Idol has now gone into week three and still all new singers for the voting. Please Check it out on Fuzzwuzzle.com, but clicking the banner above. Also an update to all of you Live Journalers or people you think might be interested, I'm now accepting submissions for the Christmas Karaoke Idol competition, which will feature the week of the 19th of December. Submissions must include a recording of yourself singing a holiday/season related song and a clear pic of yourself for cartooning. 5 people will be chosen from all submissions. And the contest will close CHRISTMAS EVE (one day early) so that the winner's song will be up for full download on Christmas Day. So if you know anybody who would like to try get them on board. The email address to send submissions to chrisredden@hfx.eastlink.ca with the subject line of "Christmas Karaoke Contest 2006". The 5 finalists will EACH receive their original cartoon by mail (so include mailing address in the body of the email). The winner will also receive:
- 1 Fuzzwuzzle.com home of Karaoke Idol T-shirt
- 1 CD compilation of any of the songs posted on the site (so good to check them out every week and keep tabs on what you like, up to 1 cd's worth of songs, so approximately 15 songs)
- 1 Limited Edition (I make them to order so far this would be number 4?) CD of the owner of FuzzWuzzle.com performing, including some original material.
- Have their full song posted on Fuzzwuzzle.com beginning December 25th 2006

So what's the catch right? Here it is....Submissions must be in no later than December 12th, 2006 11:59pm EST. That will provide me with a week to get everything together for the release date.

Happy Singing

Chris, Fuzzwuzzle.com

PS - If you like this idea and want to share it, by all means feel free to mention the contest on YOUR live journal.
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