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Okay Contest UPDATE, please read. Nov. 22nd, 2006 @ 04:14 pm


Karaoke Idol has now gone into week three and still all new singers for the voting. Please Check it out on Fuzzwuzzle.com, but clicking the banner above. Also an update to all of you Live Journalers or people you think might be interested, I'm now accepting submissions for the Christmas Karaoke Idol competition, which will feature the week of the 19th of December. Submissions must include a recording of yourself singing a holiday/season related song and a clear pic of yourself for cartooning. 5 people will be chosen from all submissions. And the contest will close CHRISTMAS EVE (one day early) so that the winner's song will be up for full download on Christmas Day. So if you know anybody who would like to try get them on board. The email address to send submissions to chrisredden@hfx.eastlink.ca with the subject line of "Christmas Karaoke Contest 2006". The 5 finalists will EACH receive their original cartoon by mail (so include mailing address in the body of the email). The winner will also receive:
- 1 Fuzzwuzzle.com home of Karaoke Idol T-shirt
- 1 CD compilation of any of the songs posted on the site (so good to check them out every week and keep tabs on what you like, up to 1 cd's worth of songs, so approximately 15 songs)
- 1 Limited Edition (I make them to order so far this would be number 4?) CD of the owner of FuzzWuzzle.com performing, including some original material.
- Have their full song posted on Fuzzwuzzle.com beginning December 25th 2006

So what's the catch right? Here it is....Submissions must be in no later than December 12th, 2006 11:59pm EST. That will provide me with a week to get everything together for the release date.

Happy Singing

Chris, Fuzzwuzzle.com

PS - If you like this idea and want to share it, by all means feel free to mention the contest on YOUR live journal.

Check it out Nov. 17th, 2006 @ 09:21 pm


So yeah anyways for those of you who have been checking the site out, thanks, for those of you out there that havn't shame shame. Anyways Gordie was the winner of week one feel free to take a listen to his whole song, Folsum Prison Blues, available on the voting site. Also take a minute and pic you're chosen Idol from this week's contestants, this closes early tuesday morning, so vote quick. Also thinking of doing a "Battle of the Bar Staff" for one of the weeks of Idol coming soon, just got to get a 5th member of staff to participate, currently up to 4. Also when I get enough together to do it Karaoke Idol will feature DUETS week, probably every once and a while, so keep on the look out for that.

Here's the BIG news though, and I'm only going to do this first one here on Live Journal, though you don't have to be a LIVE JOURNAL person to participate (so tell anyone you know who might be interested), this is the only place this first contest is getting mentioned.... SUBMISSIONS...yes, using the email address on the site's contact page, email me YOU singing a Christmas(esq) song and a picture of yourself for "cartooning". The top 5 submissions will go on the site the week leading up to the 25th of December. The winner of that week will not only have their full song available for downloading, but will receive their original artwork by mail and a CD of any of the Karaoke Idol songs they wish (up to a full CD's worth) and a copy of my personal CD. Yes I made one, and they are not professionally done, nor are they particularly great, but hey it's a free prize. Heck I'll even autograph it if you want HA HA! Cheers.

PS - If anybody wants to put a banner from the site on their website (hint hint to those who have websites...ahem) Drop me a note with your email address and I send you the graphic. Or hell make your own I don't care.

Karaoke Idol Online Nov. 10th, 2006 @ 02:09 pm
Hey there check out my website FuzzWuzzle.com. Just this week we began the "KARAOKE IDOL" contest, where one of the local bars that run weekly karaoke let me record the night and post them for the contest. So check them out, vote and check back next week to hear the full song of the winner.

I just thought I'd let everyone know.. Oct. 26th, 2006 @ 02:50 am
In case you guys haven't heard, Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol will be released sometime in December. I CAN'T WAIT.

The song list looks really good to me.

Read more about it here.

Scroll down and view the song list here.

Also, there's a Karaoke Revolution contest going on. If you win, you get two tickets to see American Idol live.
Read about it.. http://musicineverydirection.com/americanidol/

Yep, I think that covers everything. :)
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just letting you guys know Mar. 5th, 2006 @ 11:27 am
there's a new karaoke revolution game coming out for ps2 for country music

i'm not a fan of country but ehh...it's karaoke so i'll get it i guess
Other entries
» Hey there!! thanks for adding me/PICS of my first karaoke party!! EVER
Im gettn the newest karaoke tomo I CANT WAIT. I just have the first 2!!!


its funny how everyone is soo scared to play it at first, but once they start they can't stop!!
» Sing that funky music white boy...
OK, we picked up Karaoke Revolution Party a week ago and had a Karaoke party this past weekend. It was a blast!

I think everyone had a good time and even the guys who said they couldn't sing or really didn't want to sing went ahead and stood up and did at least 1 song. Kudos to them! I think that's what Karaoke is all about, not worrying if you can sing well, but just getting over your inhibitions and getting up there in front of people and belting out a song and having fun.

My wife checked out an LCD projector from her office and we projected the game on one wall of our family room and the image was about 8 ft X 6 ft... pretty nice.

My co-worker Chris scored a perfect 50,000 on Dust in the Wind and over the course of the evening a number of platinum and gold records were scored unlocking all kinds of stuff.

Casualties for the evening: 9 MGD's, 4 Miller Lites, 1 Pumpkin Ale, 4 Hard Ciders, Half a bottle of Yellowtail Cabernet and a bunch of sodas. Not bad for 10 people.

Highlight of the evening was the guys performing either "Material Girl" or "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman". Only regret of the evening- we didn't break out Duet mode. Oh well, all the better reason to have ANOTHER Karaoke Party in January! Also it was fun to see who was more musically inclined, sometimes it was surprising!

So if you have Karaoke Revolution and you haven't hosted a Karaoke party... I recommend it. Great way to have some fun with your friends!
» So has anyone picked up Karaoke Revolution Party yet???
We're planning to pick it up this weekend and we're having some friends over for a Karaoke Party next weekend.

Does anyone know if this version has duet mode like KR3?
» Why nothing good for Xbox?
I got karaoke revolution for xbox and I am really disappointed about how few songs are available compared to playstation. I know they have their reasons, but I wish I could be singing anything before 2000. I downloaded some of the packs from xbox live, but it is only 5 songs per pack and usually 2-3 of them are something I don't know at all or can only be sung by a man. I was wondering if anyone has Xbox Music Mixer? I ordered it thinking that it was for Karaoke Revolution because it says you can karaoke along to songs and strip the vocals out but I am doubting that you can actually get points and stuff like on the other karaoke revolution songs....Anyone know anything about this? Other than the lack of newer songs, I really have a good time playing. It is the only game I ever play!
» E3: Dance Dance Revolution Meets Karaoke Revolution... And Mix It Up!
I needed to share this... :)

By Chris Kohler | Wired News...

02:00 AM May. 24, 2005 PT

Think Dance Dance Revolution is a fad?

Sure, the novel arcade game that had millions of gamers stepping and hopping their way to high scores and slimmer waistlines might sound like yesterday's news. But at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, a handful of novel new music games were shown, proving that the genre isn't merely a one-hit wonder.

Read more...Collapse )
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